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The Investors in PeopleStandard supplements and develops the generally accepted international quality systems (ISO 9000 etc.) in the realm of creating the efficient system for the organizational structure management. It harmonizes the relationships between the employer and the employee, while the mutual understanding in its turn provides the increased labor productiveness and profit mark-up, the improved personnel's satisfaction with work. These altogether create the significant competitive advantage for the company.

Key principles of the Investors in People Standard:

  • Plan – The Company develops the strategies improving the company's operation through investments to human resources;
  • Action – The Company takes active measures to improve the company's business indices through the employees' enhancement;
  • Assessment – The Company demonstrates the positive effect from the investments to people, continuously accounting for the impact thereof on the company's business.

Investors in People is unique so far as it focuses on people. The main idea thereof is development of the people working towards any strand in order to achieve the specific positive outcome. The standard regulates and normalizes the personnel management process, making it transparent and clear for an employee. Applying almost two hundred criteria, it accounts for the issues related to the employees working in a company: systems for motivation, training, assessment and labor compensation.

There are 4 levels of the Investors in People standard — Basic, Bronze, Silver and Gold. The Basic Standard level guarantees already the company's compliance with the key IIP principles. To get this, a company shall comply with at least one-third of the mandatory criteria. Each subsequent standard level speaks of the deeper company's involvement in the personnel's development and maximization of the employees' potential.

Upon confirming compliance with the standard, the company shall be provided with the exclusive plate with Investors in People logo. The certificate is not an award yet it is the evidence of the company possessing the efficient management system, the high professional level of the managers, the experts and workers, the confirmation of the company being successful and future-oriented. For the potential partners, this is a sound argument for choosing this very company when making a decision on the issue of investments and prospects of cooperation.

The Quality Centers deal with assessment and quality standardization globally. At the moment, the Investors in People structure comprises over 32,000 companies, and over 27,000 companies received the Investors in People certification.


As soon as the company's compliance with the standard is officially acknowledged, it may be maintained using the method of re-assessments with the intervals of at most 3 years. The re-assessment deadlines are overall flexible, and the company may invite the appraisers earlier than 3 years upon the previous assessment, if the circumstances demand as such. As a rule, the re-assessments at the early dates shall be appropriate provided any significant changes in the company's structure or activity. The consultants from the nearest Quality Center will help to define the optimum assessment time. To obtain this standard, we cooperated with Kazakh «Denkerst».
company «Denkerst» is the partner of Investors In People International focusing on the consultations concerning the Investors in People standard requirements.

The Investors in People quality standard is:

  • Structured system for the quality people management to ensure the efficient business development;
  • Integration of the people management strategy into the business management strategy;
  • International template to assess the success of the company's people development and management, and the relationship thereof with the business purposes and goals.

What do the Personnel get?

  • Quality training, if required;
  • More efficient communications regarding the education and development processes;
  • Comfortable and supportive work environment;
  • Enhanced skills, larger scope of responsibility and involvement to the company's activity process, more options for development and career building;
  • Proudness to belong to the successful company;
  • Recognition and satisfaction with work.

Introduction of the Investors in People quality standard in the company shall create a set of the balanced mutual advantages.

What does the Company get?

  • More motivated personnel dedicated to the company;
  • Higher level of productivity and profit;
  • Training process more linked to the business tasks;
  • Impulse to the further company's development and achievement of compliance with the other quality standards;
  • Satisfied customers;
  • Positive image

What do the Customers get?

  • Confidence in the correct choice of the partner;
  • Favorable climate for cooperation and mutually profitable prospects;
  • Perfect service.

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